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Tainan tourism  factory

Biotanico Inc.

【Factory Information】
Address:Nanke 1st Road, Xinshi District, Tainan City, 744
Business Hours:Monday to Sunday, 8:30–17:30

Healthy lifestyle innovations: Biotanico Inc. Building from the pharmaceutical foundation of parent company Kaiser Pharmaceutical, Biotanico Inc., a new biotechnology plant located in Tainan Science Park, aims to further the application and development of natural herbal and nutraceutical supplements. The building was awarded the stamp of approval for green buildings for its contribution in applying eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction. To enhance the awareness of traditional Chinese medicine, the Biotanico tour offers manufacturing processes, raw material displays, a product lineup, and cultural history, presenting professional Chinese medicine knowledge and promoting the potential of natural herbs to the public through a five-sense experience.

Biotanico Inc.-Entrance  Biotanico Inc.-Shop  Biotanico Inc.-DIY Picture
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