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Tainan tourism  factory

Tung Ho Bee Culture Tourism Factory

【Factory Information】
Address:No. 1-18, Dongshih, Dongjheng Village, Dongshan Dist., Tainan City 733, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Business Hours:Monday to Sunday, 9:30–17:30(closed on Wednesdays)

Tung Ho Beekeeping produces a wide range of products, including honey, agricultural products, biotechnology products and processed food products (OEM). The He brothers have struggled to establish the business and now the business has successfully passed on to the third generation, building up a reputation as the most authentic Dongshan honey manufacturer. In 2014, Tung Ho Beekeeping built the first "Tung Ho Bee Culture Tourism Factory" in southern Taiwan by integrating local agritourism industry. Customers not only have the opportunity to savor pure longan honey, but also gain an in-depth understanding of the beekeeping industry and the production process. With the increasing concern for food safety today, the factory is here to offer safe food for customers by making the production process transparent to the public.

Tung Ho Bee Culture Tourism Factory-Entrance  Tung Ho Bee Culture Tourism Factory-To Know Honey  Tung Ho Bee Culture Tourism Factory-Exhibition Area
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